On Hiatus

Good afternoon dear readers and fellow Bat fans! I have some sad news to share today: I’ve decided to take a break from updating this website.

I started writing here so I would have a place to share my favourite things going on in Batman comics, and it’s been a fun time! I especially enjoyed receiving comments from other comic readers, and trying to spread some love for Matches Malone. But, as you may have noticed, my heart just hasn’t been in it lately.

I’m definitely planning to continue reading comics, and I’ll be on twitter and tumblr if anyone wants to connect or talk about comics there. And you never know – I may come back sooner than expected if something really crazy happens and just begs to be talked about in excruciating detail. Until then, enjoy your comics and I’ll see you in the Bat-verse.


08 2012

Pull File – July 25 2012

Hello Gothamites! I hope you’re still out there reading this even though I’ve been so woefully absent the last few weeks. Well, we have one more week of disruption but after that life will be as calm as it ever gets, so hopefully we can have some regular updates again soon.

Constant Readers may notice that my Dark Knight Rises release countdown has been removed from the sidebar since the movie came out. I’m not sure if I’ll post a full review but I did want to say that DKR was amazing, I loved it. The movie was everything I hoped for and more, and I’d like to see it at least once more in IMAX since that format adds so much to the viewing experience.

I have a couple comics to read this week, although loyal Bat-fans may wonder at the absence of Batman Inc 3. It’s not because I decided to skip one of my favourite books, not at all! Instead, this issue was delayed for a month out of respect for the Aurora Dark Knight Rises shooting, apparently some events in the issue hit a little too close to home. I can’t argue with that one, and I look forward to a day when people can be peaceful enough that Batman isn’t needed.

Batman: The Dark Knight 11 – I feel like I want to give this book more of a chance, and I think that may be because of David Finch’s appearance at the DC New 52 panel at Comic-Con. He seemed well aware of the negative feedback that the book’s received and urged everyone to give it another try now that Gregg Hurwitz is writing and Finch is only on drawing duties. I liked Hurwitz’s work on the Penguin mini-series, and I’ve enjoyed Finch’s artwork in this one, so I’m still glad to be here.

Teen Titans 11 – It’s a fun book and we all know that I need more Tim Drake in my life. Wonder Girl is the focus this week and I’m glad, I feel like I don’t know much about her and want to change that.  I have consistently enjoyed the covers on this comic, and this week’s issue (by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse) lives up to that. Just looking at this picture I want to know what’s going on, how they got here, and what happens next.


07 2012

San Diego Comic Con: Thursday

Hello Bat-fans! It’s been an amazing day at the Comic Con. We made it to some fun and fascinating panels, and had a great time walking around the exhibition floor. It’s definitely as big and overwhelming as people warned me it would be! But it’s been really great as well. Most of our photos were taken on a real camera, so you’ll have to wait until we’re home and sorted through them to see those, but I do have a few fun ones to share that were taken on my Bat-phone.

One highlight of the day was just before DC’s New 52 panel, I got to take a picture with Scott Snyder and tell him how much I love his work on Batman. He was very nice, and he said he liked my costume!! I can’t share the photo yet but here’s one of me at the same time:


Yes, that’s a Court of Owls mask!! I love it, that will definitely be one of my favorite souvenirs from the con. You may notice that I’m not wearing my utility belt, that would be an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction; the pouches are awesome but the belt itself just isn’t ready yet. I do have a great alternative which you can see in other photos, so it’s all good.

To prove that Scott was really there, here he is with Gail Simone at the panel:


There was a display of all the different Batmobiles, it was very good to see them especially after I missed the Tumblr when it was in my hometown recently.


That’s it for today’s update, it’s time for this Bat-fan to eat and rest up for tomorrow. I’ll update again tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!


07 2012

An exciting surprise

I got home from a long day of work at Wayne Enterprises to discover a piece of mail from Tribute.ca, relating to a contest I entered a while back. It was a poster design contest with prizes relating to Dark Knight Rises, but I never expected anything to result. Turns out I was wrong, and I won a pass to a preview of the movie, on Wednesday! This is amazing and surprising, and Bat-tastic. I had already intended to see The Dark Knight Rises at least twice on opening weekend, so now I can get an early start! Thanks to @wbpicturescan and Batman :)


07 2012

Quickies – Detective Comics 11, Batwing 11, Justice League 10

Hello Bat-fans! We’re in that calm before the storm now, with costume prep finished but Comic Con not until next week, so I have time for some Quickies! This afternoon I read three new comics, I’m not going to recap the whole stories for you (go buy some comics!) but here are a few fun moments that I hope you enjoy. Be warned – spoilers below!

Detective Comics 11, written by Tony Daniel, art by Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica, Eber Ferreira, and Tomeu Morey

This comic makes a lot more sense if you read Batman in Adam West’s voice, rather than Kevin Conroy or Christian Bale.  Still, lines like “Moving .. in … slow … motion” followed immediately with “… cant move … fast enough” leaves something to be desired, I’m sure Batman would be thinking more than that. The art is okay; some of the panels where the perspective is at an odd angle end up looking a bit weird, but we get a page of Bruce in the shower so I won’t complain.

Batwing 11, written by Judd Winick, art by Marcus To, Ryan Winn, Le Beau Underwood, and Brian Reber

In the last issue, the family of Matu Ba (Batwing’s ‘Alfred’) was all killed, and today he has to go to a small dictatorship country called Tundi for their funerals. Meanwhile, Batwing is fighting Long the Antlered Dragon, and with Nightwing’s help they’re tracking a missing nuclear weapon. This issue is great, not losing momentum when switching between storylines, and fitting a lot of story into the 20 pages. Batman and Penguin share a great moment here, so although it doesn’t feature Batwing, I wanted to share it just for Marcus To’s art.

Justice League 10, written by Geoff Johns, art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Mark Irwin, and Jonathan Glapion

This guy Graves is going after the enemies of the Justice League, which sounds good but really just gives him more information about how to fight the League themselves. This leads to the inevitable argument up on the Watchtower where Cyborg reveals things he knows about each member of the League. We also get a nice Batman/Superman moment:

Graves suck the life-force out of each member of the Justice League one by one, magically feeding on their pain and sorrow. We see each member of the League fall except Batman. On the final page he’s shown defeated with the rest of his team, but why is he the only one who we don’t see taken down? Maybe that will come back in the next issue…  I also notice that Gary Frank is mentioned on the cover of this issue, but not on the title page, that’s a bit odd.


07 2012

Rachael Reads: Batman: Harley & Ivy – The Bet by Paul Dini

It’s a beautiful summery Friday here in Gotham City, and we have a new Rachael Reads video to start the weekend right! Today we follow Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy on a very special adventure, but be warned -  this story is definitely not for children!

Thanks so much to Rachael from GlassOfWin.com for this and the other videos in the series.


07 2012

Pull File – July 4 2012

Good evening, Gotham City!! Happy Canada day to those in Gotham North, and Happy Independence Day to my friends south of the border! This hot weather puts me in the mood for a cool drink and a comicbook, and lucky for me there are a few good ones coming out today. Before I get to that, though, a costume update — as I’m sure everyone will be glad to hear, my Bat-dress is ready to go! It’s about time, since the San Diego Comic Con is next week! I don’t have any full costume photos to share quite yet, but here’s a blurry iPhone shot that gives you an idea of what the utility belt looks like:

Yes, those are Bat-sunglasses, we creatures of the shadows don’t do too well with California’s bright sunshine. Enough costume talk, here’s what I’m reading this week:

Batman: Earth One – Batman’s origin story, the official DCnU version! Some people may think it’s redundant, but I love a good origin and don’t mind reading Batman’s again! With a storyline that’s as well known as this one, it’s always interesting to see what the writer adds, changes, or removes altogether. I think Geoff Johns has enough history with the character to do it justice, and although I’m not very familiar with Gary Frank’s art, I’ve liked his recent Justice League work. Although I don’t normally buy hardcover graphic novels when they first come out, this was a birthday present that I’m definitely looking forward to reading (and thanks again!!)

Earth 2 3 – Still mad at DC for calling it Earth 2 instead of Earth Two. And don’t tell, but I may have neglected to actually read issue 2 (despite enjoying issue 1)… This isn’t technically a Bat-book anyways, but I have to read it for gay Alan Scott if nothing else!

Detective Comics 11 – I’ve seen a lot of hate for Tony Daniel’s run in this series, and I didn’t really agree because I’ve generally enjoyed D.C. lately (especially issue 10, I thought it was great, though it’s possible that most of what I enjoyed was the art…) Then it occurred to me that the main problem I have with D.C. was how they started big with the Joker (insert Nic Cage quote here) and then didn’t follow through, we haven’t seen Mister J all year. I’m thrilled to bits that the Batman team will be writing a Joker storyline, but whose fault is it that we had to wait this long? Of course, I don’t know what goes on behind the doors of DC Comics (and I get the sense even that people working there don’t plan ahead sometimes) but maybe if Daniel had done something with the Joker, he’d be writing Detective Comics for more than a couple more issues.

World’s Finest 3 – The continued adventures of Huntress and Power Girl! I really enjoy the inversion here: the “World’s Finest” title starred Superman and Batman for so long, it’s great to see two women taking up that title and all the symbolism that goes with it. We’re early in the series, still getting to know the characters and learning how they relate to each other and the world they find themselves in. I’m most interested to see how Helena Wayne goes from being Robin to being Huntress, and how she grieves the loss of her father, the Batman of Earth 2.

Batwing 11 - The villain here is a gangster named Long, who just happens to be a dragon. Not a man in a dragon costume, no. An actual dragon. This is why I read comics! What is the point of having a guy in Bat armor running around fighting crime if not to have him fight a dragon? Exactly. Add in Marcus To’s art and I’m definitely sold; take a look at this cover – I love Long’s antlers, and Nightwing is just perfect!


07 2012

Pull File – June 27 2012

Happy Wednesday, Bat-fans! It’s a great week for new comics, we get some really fun things to read today. In related news, San Diego Comic-Con is rapidly approaching and the costume making is going quite well. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the organizers to post the panel schedule! Is anyone who reads this planning to be there? Leave a comment and let me know! Now, here’s what I found in my pull file this week:

Batman Incorporated 2 – I was very into issue 1, and I’m sure that Morrison and Burnham will continue to provide excellent Bat-stories with gorgeous art. Burnham teased on Twitter today that we get some back-story for the Talia/Bruce relationship, please tell me I’m not the only one hoping for some Naked Bruce Wayne time!!

Batman: The Dark Knight 10 – This title has been kind of all over the place, with art that’s sometimes awesome and sometimes less so, and writing that’s been kind of uninspiring. Today Gregg Hurwitz takes over the writing with a new story arc featuring Scarecrow as the villain. The problem that Batman: The Dark Knight has had all along is that it doesn’t know what distinguishes it from all the other Bat-titles, so if this is their way of moving towards a more horror-themed comic, I think that’s a really good idea.

Justice League 10 - Who has two thumbs and can’t remember anything about Justice League 9? This girl! I even went back and read a summary of the issue (thanks gothamspoilers.com) and still have no idea what’s going on. It’s a great comic, but maybe my attention has been a little too dedicated to making the Bat-dress…

Teen Titans 10 - It feels too early for another Titans book, but that’s cool, I’m into anything that involves Tim Drake and dinosaurs! This week we get more info about Kid Flash’s background, and Bunker asks Red Robin what the deal is with their missing teammate Skitter; the Titans are definitely keeping busy! I had to share this cover for those dinosaurs I mentioned, but I love it for another reason too: I hope it’s the first in a long line of pictures I can tag “Kid Flash Outruns His Uniform.” This is by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse.


06 2012

Pull File – June 20 2012

Good evening Gothamites! It’s new comic day again, and I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing here very often lately! There was so much to say about Batman 10 and some other great recent books, but the Bat-dress construction has been taking every moment I can spare and there’s just no time left for talking about comics. I’m officially gearing up for Comic-Con, and if anyone who reads this wants to say hi in San Diego leave me a comment! Here’s what I’m reading tonight:

Batwoman 10 - As always, I feel like I should go back and read the whole series together to really get what’s going on. Hopefully today we’ll see the story overtake the style and actually have some compelling (or memorable?) plot points, but I’m not holding my breath. In any case, the visual art is an important part of comic books, and the art in Batwoman has been really great so I’m still reading it.

Catwoman 10 - Catwoman gets angry at someone who kidnaps children, and the solicit hints at her relationship with Spark becoming a bit more than their current casual crime-fighting setup. This is one of those books that I read sort of despite itself, I’ve never been that pleased with it but it seems weird to just give up entirely. When do you decide to stop reading a comic?

Nightwing 10 – Did we ever get to the bottom of this mystery with Haly’s Circus and why Mr. Haly left the circus to Dick in his will? Did that turn out to be a Court of Owls thing or am I totally confused and it hasn’t been resolved at all? Apparently I need someone to read comics for me and explain them … Today Nightwing investigates a murder that involves a part of his costume as evidence, so that should be exciting!

Red Hood and the Outlaws 10 – The official description tells us “RED HOOD learns that STARFIRE is one of the most respected and feared commanders in all of space! Who knew?” – really, this just feels condescending to me. Who cares what Red Hood knows about Starfire, he should respect and fear her anyways based on all the recent ways she’s saved his life and been awesome. It reminds me of that time when the sparkle-vamp told Adele she could be great some day… she was already kicking ass and taking names, though she’s dressed better than Starfire. Anyways, it should be great to see Starfire get to command some troops and show Red Hood and Arsenal what she’s capable of.

Birds of Prey 10 – Still getting to know these women, but I’m really interested in Black Canary lately. Poison Ivy is injured and the Birds take her to the Amazon jungle to heal, but do they trust her allegiance yet? I sure don’t! I saw a preview of Birds of Prey where Starling meets Batman, it was pretty funny, but I’m not sure if it was from this issue or another one coming soon;  hopefully it’s this issue,otherwise I may not get any actual Batman this week! Here’s the cover, by Travel Foreman and Gabe Eltaeb, I really enjoy the colour in their costumes and especially how Batgirl is drawn:



06 2012

Pull File – June 13 2012

It’s new comicbook day once again! I hope everyone had a chance to get their Dark Knight Rises tickets – I got up at midnight on Monday to get some before they sold out, only to find that Canadian tickets didn’t go on sale until noon anyways! But it turned out fine, I got my tickets without too much trouble and am definitely looking forward to wearing my SDCC costume to the movie premiere. This week there are some great comics, and as always I’d love to hear about what you’re reading today, so tweet me!

Batman 10 - The big title of the day, as we finally discover who’s behind the Court of Owls and how it changes Batman’s life. This is the second-last issue in the Court of Owls storyline, and I’m definitely excited to get the details and see how Batman handles it. I read Batman 10 immediately when I got home, and all I can say is wow. I really didn’t see that coming! Greg Capullo’s art continues to be amazing as well, I’m definitely a satisfied Bat-fan.

Batgirl 10 - We meet a new villain, Knightfall, who challenges Batgirl in new and exciting ways. Sounds like Knightfall started off okay but was somehow sentenced to life in Arkham Asylum despite being innocent. That’s Gotham for you! Can’t keep the inmates in Arkham but send good girls there all the time…

Batman and Robin 10 - It’s a meeting of the Robins! Of course, with Stephanie Brown still missing from the DCnU, it’s not quite all the Robins, but apparently DC hasn’t got the message yet. The previous issue was great, but I’m confused about how this book ties in with Batman Inc. Did the events of Batman Inc 1 just not happen yet? Does anyone know? I especially enjoy seeing Tim and Damian interact, but based on this cover by Patrick Gleason, Mick gray and John Kalisz I don’t think it’s going very well.


06 2012