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Quickies – Detective Comics 11, Batwing 11, Justice League 10

Hello Bat-fans! We’re in that calm before the storm now, with costume prep finished but Comic Con not until next week, so I have time for some Quickies! This afternoon I read three new comics, I’m not going to recap the whole stories for you (go buy some comics!) but here are a few fun moments that I hope you enjoy. Be warned – spoilers below!

Detective Comics 11, written by Tony Daniel, art by Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica, Eber Ferreira, and Tomeu Morey

This comic makes a lot more sense if you read Batman in Adam West’s voice, rather than Kevin Conroy or Christian Bale.  Still, lines like “Moving .. in … slow … motion” followed immediately with “… cant move … fast enough” leaves something to be desired, I’m sure Batman would be thinking more than that. The art is okay; some of the panels where the perspective is at an odd angle end up looking a bit weird, but we get a page of Bruce in the shower so I won’t complain.

Batwing 11, written by Judd Winick, art by Marcus To, Ryan Winn, Le Beau Underwood, and Brian Reber

In the last issue, the family of Matu Ba (Batwing’s ‘Alfred’) was all killed, and today he has to go to a small dictatorship country called Tundi for their funerals. Meanwhile, Batwing is fighting Long the Antlered Dragon, and with Nightwing’s help they’re tracking a missing nuclear weapon. This issue is great, not losing momentum when switching between storylines, and fitting a lot of story into the 20 pages. Batman and Penguin share a great moment here, so although it doesn’t feature Batwing, I wanted to share it just for Marcus To’s art.

Justice League 10, written by Geoff Johns, art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Mark Irwin, and Jonathan Glapion

This guy Graves is going after the enemies of the Justice League, which sounds good but really just gives him more information about how to fight the League themselves. This leads to the inevitable argument up on the Watchtower where Cyborg reveals things he knows about each member of the League. We also get a nice Batman/Superman moment:

Graves suck the life-force out of each member of the Justice League one by one, magically feeding on their pain and sorrow. We see each member of the League fall except Batman. On the final page he’s shown defeated with the rest of his team, but why is he the only one who we don’t see taken down? Maybe that will come back in the next issue…  I also notice that Gary Frank is mentioned on the cover of this issue, but not on the title page, that’s a bit odd.


07 2012

Pull File – May 16 2012

It’s a great week for comics! There’s lots going on, especially for the Bat ladies. The Court of Owls’ attack continues in some of these issues, while others are continuing their own unrelated stories. Here’s what I’m reading tonight, as always I’d love to hear about what’s in your pull file, so leave a comment!

Birds of Prey 9 – The Birds take on the Owls, it’s their turn to pitch in and fight a Talon! What I really want is to know more about Poison Ivy, and how she’s feeling about allying with the Birds rather than doing her own bio-terrorist thing on the wrong side of the law. Maybe today we’ll get both!

Catwoman 9 – Catwoman and her new friend Spark join the Bat family in fighting the Court of Owls by protecting the Penguin. Not exactly Gotham’s finest upstanding citizen, but nobody deserves to be assassinated by an un-dead Talon! I really don’t like Guillem March’s cover, Catwoman is in one of those oh-so-unnatural poses where both boobs and butt are emphasized, but I guess that’s about par for the course here, since this is the “hot” and “sexy” title…

Justice League 9 – Based on the cover, my friend Brian who really enjoys highly meta story-about-stories comics will be pleased! There’s a new villain, and it sounds like he’s writing a comic book about the Justice League – that can only lead to problems. The backup story has also been engaging, as we see Billy Batson placed in a foster home and get to know his new family, but so far it’s not quite something that would interest me as a standalone title (not enough Batman!).

Nightwing 9 – The last issue saw Nightwing protecting Mayor Hady from the Talons, which went pretty well but ended up with an awful lot of knives sticking out of our favourite former circus performer. Today Dick will continue to kick some Owl ass, I’m sure, and I want to know what happens with William Cobb, the Talon who’s also one of Dick’s ancestors.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 9 – We all know this isn’t my favourite title, but after reading the preview over at CBR I’m actually really looking forward to it! Kenneth Rocafort’s art looks great (I’m a sucker for interesting panel design) and I found Lobdell’s writing in the preview more funny and way less annoying than usual. Taking a step back from the action, I also really want to know what happens with Jason himself. He’s insistent that he’s not a good guy, and not really part of Batman’s team, but I don’t buy it. Can anyone ever really escape Batman’s family? Would anyone truly want to?

Batwoman 9 – I’ve enjoyed this book a fair amount (it’s at about the middle of my personal Bat-comic scale) but I can’t remember what the story is actually about. This suggests that the story itself is secondary to the interwoven structure that follows six different characters, and also secondary to the artwork, which isn’t really ideal for a well-rounded comicbook. That said, I do like the art quite a lot. Here’s the cover, by Ben Oliver. I find it interesting for how some parts are very textured and detailed, such as Batwoman’s cape, while other things like her hair are very smooth.


05 2012

Pull File – March 28 & April 4

Good evening Gotham! Once again real life got in the way of my Batman time, it’s just not fair how that happens. Not only did I not get to write about last week’s comics, I didn’t even get to read them! Hopefully that doesn’t become the new normal, or I’ll have to realign priorities … who needs a day job, anyways? Just because Batman is also CEO of Wayne Enterprises doesn’t mean I can’t quit my job to focus on reading comics, right? So here’s what’s waiting for me:

Batman: The Dark Knight 7 – It’s a fun comic, what else do we need? We’re still fighting Bane and his new version of Venom, which Batman just got over thanks to some Super help. Now he’s off to find Flash and save him from a grisly end, while also tracking down more information about that mysterious white rabbit lady (has she done anything other than run around being mysterious?).

Teen Titans 7 – The Titans head to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Headquarters (how do they find it?) to rescue Evil Superboy, and presumably drop the ‘evil’ on the way home. Overall this comic still feels like it’s in the ‘getting started’ stages, rather than being fully involved in an adventure, but I’m not complaining. I actually really enjoy extended team-coming-together stories, and it’s great to see these young heroes get to know each other.

Batwing 8 – Massacre’s hunt for former African superheroes has brought him to Gotham City, with Batwing hot on his heels. I’m looking forward to seeing how Batwing interacts with our favourite Gothamites (Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing), and also to the big reveal about who Massacre is behind the mask.

Detective Comics 8 – Last issue we had a big showdown in Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge, and Batman rescued his girlfriend (I think?) Charlotte from icy doom. I’m feeling surprisingly lacklustre about this issue, and I want to see more detective work, but I know I’ll enjoy it once I start reading. There’s also a second feature with art by Szymon Kudranski, who drew the Penguin book that I liked so much. Here’s the cover, by Tony Daniel, I love the smoke (fear gas?!) and how Batman looks like he’s ready to just jump off the page.


04 2012

Pull File – Feb 1 2012

Good evening Gotham, it’s new comic book day again! There’s another unusual title in my pull file this week, Batman makes an appearance in the series Hawk & Dove. I mentioned how much I enjoy crossover comics and so it almost feels like DC knows its market by providing them to me, but being a woman who reads comics I guess I really can’t say that at all. On the blog DC Women Kicking Ass you can read an interview with Janelle Asselin, former editor at DC comics. As the title says, they discuss women, comics, and marketing, and it’s a fascinating article that I definitely recommend checking out. When you’re done with that, here are the comics I’m reading this week:

Batwing 6 – Batwing heads to Egypt where he finally faces down Massacre. Meanwhile, we learn more about his troubled past and how he came to Batman’s attention. I’m interested to see where that goes, but a bit concerned about Ben Oliver’s artwork. So far Africa’s looked pretty much entirely the same, so I hope he gives us more sense of location and detail in the backgrounds in this issue.

Detective Comics 6 – Batman’s following the trail of a man called Snakeskin, who has the ability to change his own face at will, but their path will intersect with the Penguin when Snakeskin and his girlfriend Chase pull a heist at Penguin’s Iceberg Casino. We all know how much I enjoy this series, but what’s with the lack of Joker? There was such a big deal made about the opening issue and what that could possibly mean for the Joker’s future, but that seems to have just not gone anywhere. Maybe I just need to be a bit more patient.

Hawk and Dove 6 – I’ve never read Hawk and Dove, and had only heard of them tangentially – mostly because the series has been cancelled and there will only be two more issues after this one. After extensive research I’ve learned that Dove’s power is that she can turn into a dove, which I have to say does not seem to be particularly well-suited to a life of crimefighting. On the other hand, I spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about a man who dresses up as a giant bat, so I shouldn’t make judgements. All that aside, Rob Liefeld was both writer and artist on this issue and I do quite enjoy the cover:


02 2012

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice 3, Batgirl 4

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice 3

Writer: Gregg Hurwitz

Artist: Szymon Kudranski

In this issue, Penguin deals with the death of his beloved mother. He also meets a woman at the zoo, Cassandra, who is blind. They date and grow close, but I’m not sure that I trust either one of them.  Through the whole issue we’re shown two very opposite sides of Penguin – one the one hand he’s a devoted son whose grief would otherwise elicit sympathy, and when he meets and courts Cassandra he certainly seems to treat her well. But on the other hand, we have the Penguin who ruins a hospital orderly’s life, as well as killing his family and even neighbors, because the man was chewing gum when he wheeled Penguin’s mother’s body away on the stretcher. I thought this page showed that juxtaposition very clearly:

This strong tendency towards the extremes of dark and light are beautifully carried through to the artwork, which is very high contrast with certain elements in the panel brightly lit while others are dark and shadowed. On this page, Penguin was just giving Cassandra a footrub while explaining how penguins feet don’t get cold – with anyone else it would be romantic, but in this situation I just don’t know what to think.

I’m always a sucker for Batman blending in with gargoyles and such. I also love how Batman is drawn here, the use of red highlighting on the seams in his suit is just beautiful. I’m definitely enjoying Pain and Prejudice.

Batgirl 4

Writer: Gail Simone

Artists: Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes

Batgirl is fighting the villain Mirror, a man who survived a terrible accident that killed his wife and children. His survivor’s guilt leads him to kill other people that survived fatal situations, including Barbara Gordon. As she tracks down and faces Mirror, Barbara also has to deal with her own guilt over regaining the ability to walk. When I write it out like that it sounds kind of clichéd, but the comic was great. Here’s the end of the big fight scene (so, spoiler alert!), you’ll see what I mean.

The art is lovely, it feels almost exuberant, and I like Barbara a lot. The other awesome thing in Batgirl 4 was this moment, where a thug shows off his favourite new toy:

They make an app for everything. It’s actually a good idea, but I’m sure Batman would hack into it and send out false information pretty much right away. Do you think “Hugo” is Hugo Strange? You never know! OK that’s all I’ve got for tonight, leave a comment and let me know what you think about these books or anything else in your Bat-pull file!


01 2012